Are you fed up of use of trying different ways to get rid of smoking? Are the injurious effects of smoking cigarettes taking a toll of your health? If yes, it’s high time that you try on electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes come with the concept of smokeless way to smoke. An E-cigarette is basically an electrical device that works on the principle of nicotine inhalation and thus stimulates the effect of tobacco smoking. Most of these cigarettes come with refillable parts although there are disposable models also available.

Electronic cigarettes like Blu Cig are a healthier option of smoking. It delivers the experience of smoking with great reduction in the harmful effects that come associated with tobacco smoke. They have gained increasing popularity in view of providing healthier alternative to smoke. Some of these benefits can be outlined as follows:

i)    Being smokeless, they offer an environment friendly way to smoke. Opting for e-cigarettes is a good way to be a part of green revolution.

ii)    Being smokeless, they come without the drawbacks of exposing your loved ones to second hand smoke. You can use them around your kids and family members without the worry of inflicting harm to them.

iii)    Their ‘legal’ status has added to their popularity. As they come without production of harmful fumes, you can use them wherever you want. You can use them at restaurants, bars, airplanes, work places, and even at many health care setups as the there are no harmful effects to offend anyone in vicinity.

iv)    They are economical option to smoke. Given their health benefits and economical price tag, buying them will not really strain your pocket.

v)    It saves on the wastage as well. A cartridge of e-cigarettes is equal to smoking 20 cigarettes. You get rid from the leftover cigarette buds and filthy ashes as in case of traditional cigarette smoking.

vi)    Electronic cigarettes can provide the enjoyment and appearance of ordinary cigarettes. An LED light glows whenever the vapor is inhaled. This imitates the effect of real cigarettes for the onlookers as well as the user.

In addition to the above, they can be availed in different flavors. You can smoke in vanilla, strawberry, menthol, or regular flavor depending upon your needs. You can also opt to choose the nicotine strength from none, light, medium to full. Electronic cigarettes like BluCigs have a blue LED light that distinguishes them from other types of e-cigarettes.

If you wish to continue smoking besides keeping your loved ones safe, opting for e-cigarettes is a smart move. They not only will aid you in smoking cessation but will also provide you with freedom to smoke at the place of your choice.